The Source of Bad Breath

Bad breath has been a documented concern since ancient Greek and Roman times, and continues to be a problem today. Bad Breath comes in two common forms: Intrinsic and Extrinsic. Intrinsic Oral Malodor (bad odor) is most commonly caused by substances produced by bacteria in the oral cavity (your mouth). Anaerobic bacteria found in the rear folds of the tongue are believed to generate VSCs (volatile sulfur compounds), which cause bad breath. This happens all day long as you eat, but is also especially common at night, when you produce less saliva (causing your classic "morning breath". This is why the best time to really clean your mouth is before bed.)

Extrinsic Oral Malodor originates from the ingestion of sub- stances (such as cheese, garlic, tobacco) that contain malodorous compounds. The duration of extrinsic malodor is proportional to the amount and frequency of ingestion of the offending substances and the amount of time required to 'wash-out' the malodorous substances.

Ok, now let's jump back to intrinsic malodor for a moment: See above where we mentioned "volatile sulfur compounds". This has added importance because the human nose is incredibly sensitive to sulfur. Which explains why very low levels of sulfur compounds are added to otherwise colorless and almost odorless natural gas; so that leaks can be detected before a fire or explosion occurs (you know that classic "gas" smell when you turn on a gas stove? That's actually sulfur added to it.) And here your mouth goes, happily making sulfur compounds all day... this is exactly why "bad breath" is so easy for others to detect (and so embarrassing).


How 32 Effervescent Breath Crystals Works to Control Bad Breath

32 Effervescent Breath Treatment, developed by renowned dentist Thomas P. Connelly, contains a special formulation that has been shown to inhibit odiferous volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs) via oxidizing thiol (a.k.a., sulfhydryl) groups. Our innovative delivery system and formulation of isoVoxy crystals work to negate volatile sulfur compounds, effectively eliminating the cause of Intrinsic Malodor (e.g., bad breath). Then the deep, refreshing natural peppermint flavor acts as a strong counter to any Extrinsic Malodor that may exist as well, allowing fresh breath while your body naturally processes the causes of such. This innovative (and scientific) approach to countering bad breath is why 32 Effervescent Breath Treatment with IsoVoxy® cleansing is such an exciting product.

With our convenient single-serving packages, and ease of use, you can be confident that your breath will smell fresh all day, every day. Try 32 Effervescent Breath Treatment today, and breathe easy!